Deep down Louisiana, close to New Orleans, way back up in the woods amongst the evergreens....”

— Johnnie B Goode, Back to the Future

Ok... so we aren't from New Orleans in deepest Louisiana but it's that moment above, where Marty Mcfly is rocking the stage to Johnnie B .Goode in Back to the Future that got us thinking about this project.

We've all been playing in bands for over 10 years including recording in Los Angeles with Maroon 5's producer, playing at the O2 Hyde Park festival and winning a Capital FM band competition. We've seen and played with many amazing cover bands too and knew that if we wanted to do something new, it would have to be unique but still retain the most important element which is to guarantee everyone has a great time dancing to the songs they love. 

As big fans of Back to the Future and in particular the soundtrack, we wondered if we could put together a project which captured that movie/music magic. Sure enough, after many hours of watching our favourite movies again(it was a really tough job, honestly) we realised there were more than enough amazing movie songs to create a truly original live show that would have the audience up on their feet.

And so here we are...21st Century Foxes