I got something to tell you, I got something to say...”

— When the Going gets Tough, the Tough gets Going, Jewel in the Nile

Maverick, Lead Vocals

Playing Top Gun academy's most famous pilot,  Oskar is a supremely gifted vocalist and performer. He was originally trained by the lead vocalist from Sweden's Jesus Christ Superstar at Music College in Stockholm and has also studied at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in London. As well as playing in many bands both here and in Sweden, he has acted and written for a musical in Stockholm. A natural showman, Oskar will take you and the audience on the highway to the dangerzone and beyond.

The Bride, Lead Vocals

As deadly with a microphone as she is with a Samurai sword, Federica is a formidable frontwoman who has graced the festival stages of Milan, Monza and Genova before arriving here in London. Over 10 years of performing experience and as adept at rock and blues as she is R&B and soul, her versatility has also led her to collaborate with some of the most in-demand session musicians around Europe. 

Marty Mcfly, Lead guitar and vocals

Back from the future to handle lead guitar duties and vocals, Mike is a highly accomplished musician who's electrifying guitar playing has led him to support musical legends such as Paul Weller and Blondie. Off stage he has worked with renowned producers such as Alex Von Soos (Seal, All Saints) and Mike Horner (Shakira, The Prodigy). Mike is a die-hard Back to the Future fan and owns the EXACT same guitar that Marty McFly uses in the film.